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Love these coasters! I was being picky about choosing a set for the living room but these were exactly what I wanted and were packaged well to arrive safely. I also appreciated the little extra touch that came with them!


So beautiful!!! Wonderful customer service and my mother loved it. Thank you so much!


I love these coasters. I bough them for my new desk at work and they are so pretty they really brighten everything up. They are larger than expected. I am very pleased with them. Thank you


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šŒš®š„š­š¢š©š®š«š©šØš¬šž š†šØš„š š‹šžšššŸ š’šžš«šÆš¢š§š  š“š«ššš² šŸŒž ā€¢ ā€¢ š“š”š¢š¬ š­š«ššš² š¢š¬ šžš±š­š«šžš¦šžš„š² šÆšžš«š¬ššš­š¢š„šž ššš§š šœššš§ š›šž š®š¬šžš ššš¬ šš š£šžš°šžš„š«š² šš¢š¬š©š„ššš², š©šžš«šŸš®š¦šž š”šØš„ššžš«, šœš”ššš«šœš®š­šžš«š¢šž š›šØššš«š, ššžšœšØš«ššš­š¢šÆšž šššœšœšžš§š­, ššš§š š¦šØš«šž! šˆš­ š¢š¬ š„š¢šÆšž šØš§ šØš®š« š„š­š¬š²š’š”šØš© š¬šØ š›šž š¬š®š«šž š­šØ š š«ššš› š¢š­ š›šžšŸšØš«šž š¢š­ā€™š¬ š šØš§šž āœØ

š˜šØš® ššš„š„ ššš›š¬šØš„š®š­šžš„š² š„šØšÆšžš šØš®š« š šØš„š ššš§š š°š”š¢š­šž šœš”ššš«šœš®š­šžš«š¢šž š›šØššš«šš¬ š­š”š¢š¬ š©ššš¬š­ š”šØš„š¢šššš² š¬šžššš¬šØš§! š“š”šžš² š°š¢š„š„ š”šØš©šžšŸš®š„š„š² š›šž š¦ššš¤š¢š§š  š«šžš­š®š«š§ š§šžš±š­ š¦šØš§š­š” šØš§šœšž šØš®š« š°šØš«š¤š¬š”šØš© š¢š¬ šœšØš¦š©š„šžš­šž šŸ¤ ā€¢ ā€¢ šˆš§ š­š”šž š¦šžššš§ š­š¢š¦šž š°šž š°š¢š„š„ š”šØš©šžšŸš®š„š„š² š›šž š„ššš®š§šœš”š¢š§š  šØš®š« š°šžš›š¬š¢š­šž š§šžš±š­ š°šžšžš¤ š°š¢š­š” šš š¦š¢š§š¢ š«šžš¬š­šØšœš¤ āœØ

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