Virginia Fung Final Payment

Virginia Fung Final Payment

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If you have any followup questions, please feel free to contact us 

All trays are hand poured with epoxy resin using your own previously pressed or fresh flowers. The following option are available:

  • Express shipping your fresh flowers no later then 1-2 days after the event
  • Local drop-off will be accepted if you live in the NYC area 
  • Shipping your previous preserved flowers upon approval

What is the process?

  • Once you have purchased the deposit be sure to include your email! We will then send a questionnaire requesting information including the exact date of your event, the style tray you want, and color foil/handles to use (ex: gold or silver)
  • When we receive the flowers, the drying process (if fresh) begins which typically takes 1-3 days. Once they are fully dried, a mock up of your tray will be sent to your email for approval. After the design has been approved we will begin the pouring process.
  • After the tray has cured, we will send your beautiful tray back home to you! The entire process can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

How will my flowers look in resin?

  • Sturdy florals such as carnations, roses, and foliage work well for pressing as they dry the best. Delicate florals such as orchids, tulips, and lilies are not ideal for shipping nor pressing due to their gental nature however, we will always due what we can for the best outcome! 
  • Colorful flowers such as pink, blue, and yellow stay more vibrant during the drying process where as reds turn to more of a burgundy and white turns to an off-white.

What type of care will the tray need?

  • Resin trays are extremely easy to clean and can be washed with soap and water. It is not dishwasher safe!!
  • Resin does start to amber over time, it is apart of the natural aging process. To prolong this, please keep your tray out of direct sunlight.
  • All care instructions will be provided in your package!

What happens if my wedding is cancelled?

  • Cancellations will be approved as long as there is a 30 day notice before your event has been provided.
  • If your wedding has been postponed, please contact us for availability of the new date.
  • No refunds will be approved once the tray has been completed. Please keep in mind this is an extremely delicate and time consuming process.  


*Please keep in mind all trays are hand poured and imperfections are inevitable, this can include small air bubbles or tiny dust particles. We do everything in our power to ensure these are limited.